Hello, my name is Gerald Westlund. I am an Art Director, Designer, Letterer and Taco Enthusiast based in Michigan. 


I specialize in brand design and hand lettering. These two disciplines allow me to provide a wide range of creative solutions for clients and their brands.

I really enjoy the creative journey and working collaboratively to discover THE idea(s), those gems that resonate with the audience and align with the clients goals (though sometimes not their personal aesthetic, because more often then not, they're not their audience, which can be a fun conversation.) When we strike that balance between authenticity and appeal, something special happens that is basically magic. 

Shall we begin?

Have an upcoming project? I'd love to collaborate and help bring your brand to life. As long as you're cool with contracts and payment terms that is... 





postcard photos on this page courtesy of eatpomegranate from our 'hello' collaborative project

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